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Dr Darwin Hayes DDS FAGD is a national leader in Post Graduate / Advanced Dental Education and Training, and the Program Director of the 2nd largest General Practice Residency (GPR) in the United States.  He is part of an institution and dental department that has trained over 600 new dentists in the areas of general and hospital dentistry, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics in the past 25 years.  Dr Hayes has a distinct passion for mentoring and being a coach to new dentists, especially those from underrepresented populations in oral healthcare.  He thrives on the creation and development of specific success strategies.


"I’ve been knowing Dr Darwin for over 20 years. He’s full of knowledge in the dental field and loves helping dentists get to that next level. He is passionate about healthcare and inspires others to eat well. It’s always said you can’t improve on what you don’t know. He’s definitely in the “know”! Let him guide you to that next level in dentistry."

Dr Rico Short, DMD,BCE, FICDEndodontist / Author / International Dental Lecturer / Inspirational Speaker

" When I was in dental school I wish I had someone like the new dentist coach Dr. Darwin to provide insider information and tips from the leading experts in the field of dentistry! "

His content is extremely valuable to new dentist who desire to be successful in the field of dentistry. The field of dentistry is more competitive than ever. As a 20 year private practice owner of VIP Smiles, an author of consumer dentistry books, speaker, and product creator, I think it’s important that we nurture up-and-coming dentists on how to work smarter not harder. Also teach how to be profitable and how to balance work and personal life to enjoy to fruits of our labor. I am proud to have been featured as a guest talking about how to become a celebrity dentist. I hope to inspire more people in the future at Dr. Darwin’s seminars, webinars, and podcasts....Thanks Dr. Darwin! "

Dr Catrise Austin DDSOwner / Founder VIP-Smiles Author / Speaker / Celebrity Dentist to the Stars

" I utilized The New Dentist Coach Dr. Darwin during my application cycle for Orthodontics Residency and am beyond grateful I did. He helped me strategize an effective plan to refine my skills with networking, interviewing and execution to achieve the end result of a MATCH. Many people have mentioned to me that they have watched my video on DrDarwin's YouTube channel and how the tips have allowed them to improve in areas as well; so I know it was worth it! Overall, the resources available through New dentist coach website, podcast, and live videos are not only informative but help close the gap of the unknown opportunities available for new dentists as well as experienced professionals within the field. It's like an avenue of limitless opportunities and possibilities. Dr. Hayes provides a very diverse platform that gives knowledge related to residencies, finances, advocacy, career path options and networking; all of which are beneficial to those who are currently in the profession and an early insight to those who have interest joining the wonderful profession of dentistry. I give it my highest recommendation as a great resource tool for new dentists!! "

Dr Bianca M. Frederick DDS MSOrthodontic Resident, Howard University 2020

"Dr. Darwin Hayes is at the forefront of contemporary mentoring of perspective dentist, dental students, dental residents, and new dental graduates."

Dr. William T. Ryals, Jr., DDSDirector, Birmingham VA Medical Center AEGD Residency Program

"Dr. Darwin Hayes, The New Dentist Coach is the go to authority for all things about
entering our great field of dentistry!
Combine passion, know how and a love for mentorship, and you get the magic sauce
for success! Dr. Darwin brings all these elements together to aid those on a quest to
reach their goals. His energy is visible and his desire to make a difference with
others is apparent. New Dentists (Dental Students, Residents, and Recent
Graduates) alike will benefit from his skilled direction.
If you’re seeking guidance, hold on to your seat belt because Dr. Darwin is one of a
kind in the New Dentists’ World. His expansive knowledge backed by years of
experience is sure to advance all those that seek his services.
It would’ve been great to have a resource like this when I graduated from dental

Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel, DMDDentist / Coach / Orator
Author, 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry:
A professional's guide to efficiency, profitability, and sanity!

Thank you Dr Hayes for taking the time to mentor me in applying for pediatric residency, reviewing my CV and personal statement. You are an awesome mentor and I truly appreciate the time you reserves on your Saturday to give me your pearls of wisdom and advice for pursuing my career goals and dreams. Your mentorship is awesome and many young dentists are benefiting from it! Thank you!!

Dr Sara El-Sherbini DMDCandidate, Specialty in Pediatric Dentistry & Former GPR Chief-Resident






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