Dr Darwin Hayes DDS FAGD is a national leader in Post Graduate / Advanced Dental Education and Training, and the Program Director of the 2nd largest General Practice Residency (GPR) in the United States.

He is part of an institution and dental department that has trained over 600 new dentists in the areas of general and hospital dentistry, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics in the past 25 years.  

Dr Hayes has a distinct passion for mentoring and being a coach to new dentists, especially those from underrepresented populations in oral healthcare.  He thrives on the creation and development of specific success strategies (strategies for professional and personal success) that are taught to new dentists in the residency program, during the national conventions of organizations, and at state and local dental societies.  

His upcoming book “The New Dentist Playbook: Fast Track to Future Smiles – 21 Professional and Personal Development Strategies for Your Success”, identifies these innovative strategies and is shared on his YouTube channel.

Helping New Dentists Flourish and Prosper with Professional and Personal Development Strategies

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