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" A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager, and part strategist....."                       

                          -The Business Journal

"Success is your Duty, your Obligation and your Responsibility"                                                                                                     - Grant Cardone

Hi, I'm Dr. Darwin Hayes, industry leading New Dentist Coach and Founder of Dental Residency HeadQuarters (DRHQ). I am here to help you acquire the strategies and the tools you need to get into Dental Residency this application cycle and launch your dentistry career!

Furthermore, our DRHQ Team is committed to ensuring that our residency candidate clients understand, prepare for, navigate, and adapt to the fluid advanced dental education application process with confidence and certainty.

What You Can Expect From Coaching with Dr. Darwin:

Expert Accountability

Expertise and Accountability from the previous Lead Program Director of the 2nd Largest General Practice Residency Program in the United States (Bronxcare, NY)

Personalized Training

Proven and Personalized training program proven to help you standout during your candidacy and application process (personal statement, interview and pre-match selection )

Constructive Feedback

1:1 training and feedback that is constructive and effective in getting the results you deserve and need for the next phase of your professional career

Guidance to Help You Plan Your Next Steps

Dr. Darwin will help you explore, plan and prepare for this next big step in your career, and help you learn the strategies and tips that move you from candidate to resident

The Ghost Whisperer of Dentistry

" Now I can proudly say that I am approaching my last few months of dental school, but yet my journey does not end here. I applied for orthodontic residency and was not offered a position this year and which left me completely devastated. 

Luckily, I was introduced to Dr. Hayes afterwards. He took the time to help me come up with alternative plans for my future and provided me with valuable information which opened doors for me in the dental world. 

Let’s just say, I thank GOD for this man.! I strongly suggest connecting with him and getting to know him. Dr. Hayes is the "Ghost Whisper" of dentistry. I wish you all the very best in your journey"

Erika Johnson, DDS

June 2021

I Am So Grateful

Thank you Dr. Darwin for helping me achieve a goal 13 years in the making.

I worked really hard building a competitive application for orthodontics, but I honestly believe, if I hadn’t landed on your videos and worked with you personally, I wouldn’t have 

Matched this year. You pinpointed EXACTLY what was going wrong in my interviews and gave me pointers on how to change those. In my case, I was focusing too much on saying the "right things" and my delivery was suffering. I shied away from eye contact and there was no excitement in my voice. You helped me see that....and fix it. I am SO GRATEFUL!!! that you found time for me on short notice. You changed my family and my life. Thank you.

Jeremy Vistica, DMD

April 2021

Are You Ready to
Get Into Dental Residency?

We offer 3 different training and one-on-one (1:1) coaching options to help you increase your confidence, communication, and opportunity as a candidate to having a successful outcome in getting into the Dental Residency Program of your dreams!


Advanced Interview Preparations 
Mock Interview Sessions
- 3+ sessions total / up to 1 month
* Review & Learn Top Interview                Questions and the best ways to               answer
* Learn the list of questions                       you must ask as a candidate
* Learn how to "close" the interview
* Receive an improvement plan                 with action items to elevate your           interview skills
* 24-hour / 7-day digital     communication access (via email +  text chat)
* All sessions recorded for your use


includes JUMP STARTER training
includes INTERVIEW PREP SUCCESS training
BONUS-1:  Post-Interview Followup sessions
BONUS-2: Rank List Training demo with 25% enrollment scholarship (limited quantity)
For those who want to get it “right” the 1st time because the opportunity is significant and time sensitive
What impact does this professional development opportunity have on your career?
What value does this residency have towards your future desired state?


Application, CV, and Personal Statement Review with suggestions and 1+ edit 
- 3+ sessions / 3 - 4 weeks total
* Learn and implement CV                         organization strategies that get             you noticed
* Implement written communication       strategies that get increase                     opportunities to the interview                 phase
* Sessions recorded for your use 

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